A good retail outlet design begins with an idea. We value ideas as it is the first step for greater things to come. We offer prospective clients invaluable key retail insights and know-hows on what it takes to build a physical outlet from scratch.

And to do so, we constantly engage with our clients to come up with a distinctive retail identity that fits into the brand’s overall structure.

From the concept stage, we move on to execute the idea into the creation of the entire physical store, covering the entire process from stage-to-stage.



Merchandising plays an important role in creation of a unique retail space, and good merchandising requires thorough planning and execution.

Hence, at WPS we work with our clients to develop an effective retail merchandising plan that can help them engage even more customers.

With a proper plan in place, we provide an end-to-end management of the merchandising materials, from production to the deployment of these materials.



Engagement of shoppers is an important component of the overall retail business, and at Wood-Press Studio we assist our clients in the deployment of wide range of custom ideas, promotional events and experiential activation to promote store activities such as new product launch or store openings, and the at the same time engage shoppers and stimulate purchases.

Wood-Press Studio provide in-store as well as outdoor retail marketing activation ideas, planning, production,logistics, mall or city council permits,  deployment and management.